Vendor Insurance

Vendor Insurance is one of several benefits available through the new BCAFM Vendor Membership Program and designed to help vendors protect and grow their business, while strengthening BC farmers’ markets.

By becoming a member of the BCAFM Vendor Membership Program you will receive access to a preferred group insurance rate on Commercial General Liability. This exclusive program has been arranged by BCAFM in collaboration with Western Financial Group and covers selling at farmers’ markets and these sales channels: vendor sales, online sales within Canada, wholesales and others.


Basic Insurance Eligibility

  • BC vendors selling within Canada only (farmers, crafters, artisans & small scale producers) are eligible to apply to the BCAFM Vendor Membership Program and qualify for this Vendor Insurance package. If you have ANY sales to outside of Canada you will not qualify for this insurance.
  • Vendors must make 80% of their income at a farmers’ market, the other 20% can be from wholesale or other events to qualify for this Vendor Insurance package.
  • Unfortunately, vendors selling bars of soap (as a single product or as one of multiple products) are not eligible for Vendor Insurance through this program.
  • If you are not approved for this Vendor Insurance package, Western Financial Group has additional insurance options available to fill all your insurance needs, complying with farmers’ market requirements.

How to Apply for Vendor Insurance

STEP 1: Join the BCAFM Vendor Membership Program

In order to qualify for preferred group rate vendor insurance benefits (among other benefits), you must be an approved member of the BCAFM Vendor Membership Program. This includes paying an annual membership fee of $75.

Learn more about the program

STEP 2: Fill in the Farmers’ Market Vendor Insurance Questionnaire

Please complete the Farmers’ Market Vendor Insurance Questionnaire to determine your insurance eligibility and email this form directly to Western Financial at

Download the questionnaire

NOTE: Western Financial will determine whether your vendor business is eligible for insurance coverage.

Toll Free Phone:       1.855.232.2004

STEP 3: Complete your Vendor Insurance Application with Western Financial Group

Upon reviewing your questionnaire and confirming your approval in the BCAFM Vendor Membership program, including the $75 fee payment, the Western Express Business Team (WEB) will contact you via email to complete the application process and provide you with your insurance quote and payment options.

Premiums must be paid through one of Western’s payment options and once payment is confirmed, the WEB team will email you a copy of your policy. Please note that all premiums are minimum and retained.

Insurance Inquiries or Additional Information

The BC Association of Farmers’ Markets and/or individual farmers’ markets themselves are not insurance brokers so please contact the Western Express Business Team at Western Financial Group using the information below for any insurance related questions. Western Financial Group has an experienced team of associates specializing in insurance for farmers’ market vendors and can ensure the best customer service for vendors in the insurance program.

Toll Free Phone:          1.855.232.2004

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need vendor insurance and how will it benefit me?

What If?

  • During a strong wind, a tent lifts into the air and hits and hurts a person or damages a parked vehicle
  • During a sale, a person slips while in your area and gets hurt
  • During a sale, a person knocks your table, the table falls and a patron is hurt
  • Someone gets sick or reacts to the product you are selling at the market
  • Someone breaks a tooth on your food

Am I covered?

If you have liability insurance to cover the market, then you could be covered.  If not, you would have to pay for the damages from your own pocket.  Some claim settlements can be quite large and you could lose your savings or even your home to cover the losses.


It depends. BCAFM requires 3 to 5 business days to review and approve vendor applications in the BCAFM Vendor Membership Program. Once approved and BCAFM has processed your $75 payment, completing an insurance quote and policy can be fairly quick. This will depend on the time it takes you to submit a Vendor Insurance Questionnaire and application information to Western Financial.

The $75 BCAFM Vendor Membership Fee is an annual fee that must be renewed each year before you are eligible for preferred group rate insurance benefits.

How are my premium rates determined?

Insurance premiums start at $160. There is a common expiry date of February 15 of each year.  You are allowed to sell at one (1) market per day for this liability rate. If you do more than one market per day, each additional market can still be insured but the rate would be $25 for each additional market for the period of the policy (i.e. two (2) markets on Saturdays would be a total of $175).

Insurance premiums are NOT pro-rated and the policy is minimum retained. What that means is if you start the policy after February 15, you will still be charged the $160 until February 15th and then the policy will be renewed for a full year. If you cancel the policy during the year, there is no refund of the premium. The policy must be paid at the time of approval.  Western Financial Group can also insure your product at home and can add other options to the policy – for an additional premium.

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