Liquor Sales at Farmers’ Markets

Liquor Control and Licensing Branch policy directives, policies and procedures

Read below the directives from the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch Policy Directives for details regarding eligibility of vendors and farmers’ markets, and policies and procedures for obtaining a Farmers’ Market Authorization:

For further information regarding liquor control and licensing in British Columbia, visit the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch

Liquor & Online BC Farmers’ Markets

There are regulations for licensed liquor manufacturers/vendors who sell liquor products online. Current regulations require that liquor manufacturers/vendors only sell directly from their own manufacturer/business website.

The promotion of liquor vendors/manufacturers through online farmers’ market stores is entirely acceptable. However, the actual receipt of orders and payment for liquor purchases must be done directly from the liquor manufacturer/vendors’ own business website.

  • Farmers’ markets can promote liquor manufacturers/vendors on your online market store and that they will be present at your farmers’ market. Your online market store just cannot receive orders or payments for liquor products.

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For more information about liquor sales at BC farmers’ markets:

BCAFM President, Jon Bell, discusses changes to the Liquor Policy Review (June 2014)

Parliamentary Secretary for Liquor Policy Reform, John Yap, announces changes to the Liquor Policy Review (June 2014)