Liquor Sales at Farmers’ Markets

Eligibility and requirements for selling liquor at farmers’ markets in BC

The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) oversees liquor sales at farmers’ markets in BC, and there are clear rules in place for both market organizers and vendors (liquor manufacturers). For full details on what’s required, please visit the LCRB website.

Market Organizers

Organizers of eligible artisan, farmers and annual markets can let liquor manufacturers with the necessary authorization:

  • Provide liquor samples
  • Sell liquor products for off-site consumption

Liquor manufacturers include:

  • Wineries, breweries and distilleries
  • Cideries and meaderies

Please keep in mind that if you want to invite liquor manufacturers to your market, first contact your local government or Indigenous Nation to find out if there are local bylaws or policies preventing the sale of packaged liquor and/or samples at a market.



Vendors (Liquor Manufacturers)

Only licensed liquor manufacturers with an on-site store endorsement are permitted to sell packaged liquor and samples at markets.

If you are a liquor manufacturer and want to sell at an artisan, farmers or annual market you must:

  • Apply for a market authorization
  • Confirm that the local government or Indigenous Nation at the market’s location allows the sale of packaged liquor at markets
  • Make sure the market is eligible




No, you don’t. Only the vendor is required to apply for market authorization through the LCRB.
These bodies may have additional bylaws or policies on the sale and sampling of liquor within their boundaries. These rules can be quite different from region to region so it is recommended that each market confirm permission with the landowner/municipality prior to inviting applicants.
Liquor can only be sold from 7 am to 11 pm, or within the hours stipulated on the manufacturer’s store endorsement. 
No, the market must provide a defined sales area for liquor products. Customers can’t remove samples from the sales area and walk around the market, and the liquor vendor can’t sell outside of this area.
No, only licensees (and staff) are required to have Serving it Right as part of their basic operating requirements as they are the ones selling the product to attendees.
No, the licensee who makes the sale will receive the contravention notice and any further enforcement action.
No, only licensed manufacturers (wineries, cideries, breweries, distilleries) with an on-site store may sell liquor at the market. No homebrew, u-brew or u-vin products are permitted. 
Asking the licensee about the origin of all their agricultural inputs will likely be part of any standard market application process. Other ways to tell if products are 100% BC:

  • VQA wine must be made from 100% BC grapes to qualify for the BCVQA designation under the regulation
  • Spirits from a distillery designated as “craft” must be fermented or distilled using 100% BC agricultural input
  • There is no similar program for beer or cider  at this time

All licensees are current licensees are listed on the LCRB website in a downloadable spreadsheet format so you can search that list. You could also request a copy of the licensee’s licence with the application.