Why BC Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets are venues to learn about fresh, local, in season foods and they serve as springboards for local farmers and makers to introduce their wares to new audiences. They are places to connect with friends, family and neighbours and celebrate the uniqueness of each community and region.

Shop Local. Support Local. Eat Local.

People come to farmers’ markets week after week for many reasons, including the community gathering experience, the opportunity to talk directly to farmers, and the reassurance that they are eating fresh, locally sourced food.


Why Choose Local?

It’s Good For BC Farmers & Communities

By shopping at the farmers’ markets, you are directly supporting farmers and other local businesses. Every dollar goes to local growers, makers, bakers and strengthens the local economy. By purchasing direct from farmers, you are voting with your dollar to support small, local growers, and safeguarding BC’s foodlands for future generations.

It’s Better For Our Environment

The fresh produce sold at BC farmers’ markets usually travels less than 300km to get to you. Compare this to the average North American meal, which travels 2,400km to get from field to plate and contains ingredients from five countries in addition to our own.

Fresh, Direct & Always In Season

BC farmers’ markets are the go-to spot for fresh food direct from local farmers, and one of the only places you can meet and talk to the people who grow your food. Find the freshest fruits and veggies, locally raised meat and eggs, artisanal cheese, preserves, honey, craft beer, wine and spirits, savoury treats, handmade artisan goods and more.

What’s in season

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Local

  1. Local food is the freshest you can get
  2. Enjoy delicious foods that are only available in-season
  3. Invest in your community and the local economy
  4. Meet the people who grow your food
  5. Access a variety of sustainably grown, raised and harvested foods
  6. Protect your health and the environment with food produced sustainably
  7. Discover truly unique and regional flavours
  8. Invest in local farms, and food security in British Columbia
  9. Take home one of a kind handmade artisan goods
  10. Experience the unique community spirit of each farmers’ market

The BC Farmers' Market Trail

The BC Farmers’ Market Trail is the definitive guide to 145+ authentic BC farmers’ markets bringing you fresh, local, in-season food from the people who grow it.

Find a BC Farmers' Market