Selling at BC Farmers’ Markets

Grow Your Business

BCAFM Member Farmers’ Markets are venues where farmers and makers can sell their goods directly to consumers. Farmers’ markets are excellent venues to develop and grow your business. Over the past 10 years, the number of markets and demand for fresh, local, healthy foods have grown considerably.  Many farmers’ markets across the province are looking for new vendors to sell BC grown or made food and goods direct to consumers.

Become a Vendor at a BCAFM Member Farmers’ Market

To become a vendor at a BCAFM Member Farmers’ Market, vendors need to contact the markets directly, as each market is run independently and has its own application process. Use BC Farmers’ Market Trail to find markets, as well as contact info, operating hours, season, location and websites. Some markets have information for vendors on their websites, including vendor application forms, market guidelines and regulations for becoming a vendor at their market.

Join the BCAFM Vendor Membership Program

With its provincial reach and established relationships, BCAFM is able to use its collective purchasing power to negotiate preferred pricing and benefits on behalf of the 4,000+ vendors who sell at 145+ member farmers’ markets across BC, while sustaining the delivery of BCAFM programs and activities which support all members and strengthen our sector. Through this program, BCAFM has established preferred member pricing with a roster of great suppliers and this list of suppliers and benefits will continue to grow over time.

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Top 5 Reasons to be a Farmers’ Market Vendor

  1. Grow your business by accessing high value markets
  2. Experiment with new ideas
  3. Learn about new trends
  4. Meet and interact “face to face” with your customers, and share your stories with them
  5. Connect with market managers, chefs, retailers and other vendors to network, learn new skills and grow your business

The Market Opportunity

Did you know there are over 145 BCAFM Member Farmers’ Markets across the province?

Farmers’ markets operate in every type of community in BC — from major cities to suburbs and rural communities. Most markets are open from May through October — though more and more are running year-round.

Farmers’ markets are looking for a wide variety of products that are grown, raised or made in BC — including locally grown or processed fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, nuts, fish, eggs, baked goods, specialty foods, herbs, flowers, plants and artisan goods.

In addition to a wide selection of unique products and unparalleled freshness, shoppers are attracted to the sense of community and connection found at farmers’ markets.

Along with helping to grow your existing business, farmers’ markets can act as incubators for new business ideas — serving as low-cost, low-risk places to experiment with new products and processes.

So, join other local vendors in taking advantage of this “market” opportunity — especially as BC farmers’ markets gain in popularity around the province.

The BC Farmers’ Market Trail

Find a BC farmers’ market near you. Experience fresh, unique, and seasonal flavours and connect with distinct growers, makers, and bakers in your community.

Find a BC Farmers' Market