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Whether you are a market manager, vendor, or board member, our Tools & Resources section offers a wealth of information customized just for you. Search for regulatory and policy information, training manuals, videos, sample documents, case studies, and more.

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What We’ve Been Working On


Find out what we’ve been working on to support, develop and promote farmers’ markets across the province.

Programs & Campaigns

BC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon Program

We collaborate with community organizations and BCAFM member farmers’ markets to provide farmers’ market coupons to lower-income families, pregnant women and seniors.

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Selling At BC Farmers’ Markets

Grow your business, experiment with new ideas, learn about new trends, and meet face-to-face with customers. Find out what it takes to sell at BC farmers’ markets.

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Become a Member Farmers’ Market

We are committed to developing and strengthening the capacity of farmers’ markets in all regions of BC through training, promotion, education, research and advocacy.

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