BC Association of Farmers' markets
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We represent a community of individual markets, or as we see it, a community of difference. Each market reflects the uniqueness of the neighbourhood and the diversity of the community.


Why Shop Local?

Why Shop Local?

People have strong ties to their local farmers’ market since markets foster a sense of belonging and create community.

A farmers' market is a place where you come to learn about healthy food. It’s a meeting place to connect with friends, family and neighbours. It’s a springboard for local farmers to introduce their wares to new audiences, and it is a celebration of community and the bounty of the land. People come to farmers' markets week after week for many reasons, including the community gathering experience, the opportunity to talk directly to farmers, and the reassurance that they are eating nutritious and ethically sourced food. Whatever the reason, there is something magical that happens at a farmers' market, and our goal is to preserve and nurture that magic.

So why should you support the local food movement?
It's Good For You & Your Family

When you provide your family with juicy peaches, hormone-free chicken and crisp baby carrots, eating healthy becomes very easy, not to mention incredibly enjoyable. By spending your food dollars at the market you are investing in you and your family’s health.

It's Good For BC Farmers & Communities

When farmers sell at the market they get to bring home 100% of the retail price – this means that your money stays and works in the community. By supporting local farmers you are voting with your dollar to keep BC farmers farming, and safeguarding BC’s agricultural land for future generations.

It's Better For Our Environment

The fresh produce sold at BC farmers’ markets usually travels less that 300km to get to you. Compare this to the average North American meal, which travels 2,400km to get from field to plate and contains ingredients from five countries in addition to our own. All that transportation results in a lot of fossil fuels being burned, which contributes, to air pollution, acid rain and climate change.

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