Tools & Resources Database

Our crop of tools and resources have been harvested from many sources and compiled here to help you cultivate and grow your farmers’ market and business. Whether you are a board member, market manager, or vendor, you will find a wide variety of useful reports, links, videos, and other documents to explore.

Agricultural Cooperatives – A Start Up Guide
B.C. Ministry of Agriculture (2020)
BC Employment Standards Branch
Government of BC
BC Highway Signs for BC Farmers’ Markets
How to arrange for motorist directional signage for your BCAFM member farmers’ market
BC Non-Profit Organizations
Government of BC
BCAFM Bylaws
(December 13, 2017)
BCAFM Constitution
(December 13, 2017)
BCAFM Farmers’ Market Membership Policy
(November 3, 2018)
Canada Revenue Agency
Government of Canada
Cannabis in British Columbia
Government of British Columbia, 2019
Cannabis in Canada
Government of Canada, 2019
Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist – Prohibited and Restricted Ingredients
Government of Canada, 2019
Cosmetic Regulations
Government of Canada, 2019
Cosmetic Regulations – Frequently Asked Questions
Government of Canada, 2015
Cosmetic, Soap and Body Products
BCAFM conference workshop with Creston Valley Farmers' Market, Bodylove Bathworks (2016)
Cosmetics – Consumer Products and Cosmetics
Government of Canada. Information on incident reporting, recalls and alerts, cosmetic information, product safety education and consumer product requirements.
Cosmetics – How to Complete a Cosmetic Notification Form
Government of Canada, 2017
Cosmetics – Notification of Cosmetics to Health Canada
Government of Canada, 2017
Cosmetics – Regulatory Information & Cosmetics
Government of Canada, 2018
Cosmetics Labelling – Consumer Product Safety
Government of Canada, 2014
Food business activities that require a licence under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations
Government of Canada, 2019
Guidelines for the Sale of Foods at Temporary Food Markets
BC Centre for Disease Control (2016)
Hand Sanitizer: Guide on Health Canada’s interim expedited licensing approach for the production and distribution of alcohol-based hand sanitizers
Government of Canada (2020)
Health & Food Safety
BCAFM webpage highlighting important food safety resources.
Labelling – Food Labelling for Industry
Canada Food Inspection Agency
Labelling – General Principles for Labelling and Advertising
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch
Government of British Columbia, 2019
Liquor Control & Licensing Forms
Government of BC
Liquor Sales – Policy Directive Re: Expansion of (Farmers’) Market eligibility criteria
Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (October 2, 2015)
Liquor Sales – Policy Directive Re: Liquor sales at farmers’ markets
BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (June 21, 2014)
Liquor Sales at BC Farmers’ Markets – FAQ
Liquor Sales at Farmers’ Markets
As of June 21, 2014, beer, wine, cider and spirits can be sampled and sold alongside fresh fruits and veggies at BC farmers’ markets
Manufacturer Liquor Sales at Artisan, Farmers and Annual Markets – Note to liquor vendors at markets during COVID-19
Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch (April 16, 2020)
Natural and Non-prescription Health Products
Government of Canada
Natural Health Products (NHP) and Food
Canada Food Inspection Agency
Organic Certification – Q & A for Market Managers and Vendors
Canada Organic Trade Association / Think Canada Organic
Organic Certification Regulation Guidelines
BC Ministry of Agriculture (August 2019)
Organic Regulations Tool Kit for Farmers’ Market Managers
BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, BC Ministry of Agriculture (2018)
Organics – What is Certified Organic?
BCAFM webpage highlighting organics in BC.
Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SOR/2018-108)
Government of Canada, 2019
Understanding the Principles of Traceability
Ross Food Consulting (2017)