Tools & Resources Database

Our crop of tools and resources have been harvested from many sources and compiled here to help you cultivate and grow your farmers’ market and business. Whether you are a board member, market manager, or vendor, you will find a wide variety of useful reports, links, videos, and other documents to explore.

BC Institute of Agrologists
BCIA has over 1300 practicing Agrologists, who are professionals in areas including agriculture, food production, environment and resource management
BC Traceability Funding Programs
The goal of the Programs is to increase the adoption of traceability systems, practices, technologies and infrastructure across the agrifood and seafood sectors, enabling businesses to meet existing and emerging market and regulatory requirements.
BCAFM Bylaws
(December 13, 2017)
BCAFM Farmers’ Market Membership Policy
(November 3, 2018)
Farmers Market Co-Operatives – A Guide to Starting a Farmers’ Marketing Co-op
BC Association of Farmers’ Markets; Vancity (2019)
Farmers Marketing Co-Operatives and Farm Collectives – Market Manager’s Guide
BC Association of Farmers’ Markets; Vancity (2019)
Food Labelling for Industry
Canada Food Inspection Agency
General Principles for Labelling and Advertising
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Haney Farmers Market Food Trucks and Concessions Vendor Application
Haney Farmers Market Society (2019)
Haney Farmers Market Youth Vendor Application
Haney Farmers Market Society (2019)
Mission City Farmers Market Backyard Gardener Agreement
Mission City Farmers Market (2012)
Organic Certification Q & A for Market Managers and Vendors
Canada Organic Trade Association / Think Canada Organic
Organic Certification Regulation Guidelines
BC Ministry of Agriculture (August 2019)
Organic Regulations Tool Kit for Farmers’ Market Managers
BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, BC Ministry of Agriculture (2018)
Penticton Farmers’ Market’s Policies, Rules and Regulations
Penticton Farmers’ Market Society (2019)
Squamish Farmers’ Market Jury Process
Squamish Farmers' Market Association (2012)
Squamish Farmers’ Market Winter Market Vendor Application
Squamish Farmers' Market Association (2012)
Understanding the Principles of Traceability
Ross Food Consulting (2017)
Vancouver Farmers Market Prepared Food Vendor Interest Form
Your Local Farmers Markets Society (2017)
Vancouver Farmers Market Primary Producer Vendor Interest Form
Your Local Farmers Markets Society (2019)
Vancouver Farmers Market Vendor Handbook
Your Local Farmers Markets Society (December 2018)
Vancouver Farmers’ Markets Vendor Collective Application Form
Vancouver Farmers Markets (2019)
Wild Harvesting Vendor Best Practices from UBC Farmers’ Market Vendor Guide
UBC Farm Market Guide, Pg 11, 2019