Tools & Resources Database

Our crop of tools and resources have been harvested from many sources and compiled here to help you cultivate and grow your farmers’ market and business. Whether you are a board member, market manager, or vendor, you will find a wide variety of useful reports, links, videos, and other documents to explore.

Accessibility Project Grant
Disability Alliance BC
Arts BC
Useful links for non-profits, grants, and more
BC Programs and Funding for BC Agriculture & Seafood Producers and Processors
AgriService BC
BC Traceability Funding Programs
The goal of the Programs is to increase the adoption of traceability systems, practices, technologies and infrastructure across the agrifood and seafood sectors, enabling businesses to meet existing and emerging market and regulatory requirements.
Canadian Experiences Fund
National program that support communities across Canada as they create, improve or enhance tourism products, facilities and experiences - including culinary and farm-to-table experiences.
Community Spaces Funding – Co-op
Co-op awards $2 million to projects across Western Canada every year. Categories include Recreation, Environmental Conservation, and Urban Agriculture.
Economic Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
BC Economic Development Association (BCEDA)
Economic Disaster Recovery Program – Resources for Businesses
BC Economic Development Association (BCEDA) (2018)
Funding Opportunities for British Columbian Producers, Processors, Innovators and Industry Developers
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, January 2019
Imagine Canada
Fundraising information from Sector Source, a project of Imagine Canada and the legacy of the Nonprofit Library and Risk Management and Insurance and Liability Resource Centre
Indigenous Agriculture and Food Systems Initiative
This initiative will support Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs who are ready to launch agriculture and food systems projects and others who want to build their capacity to participate in the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector. Proposals can be submitted at any time during the year until September 30, 2022. The initiative ends on March 31, 2023.
Local Food Infrastructure Fund – Infrastructure and Equipment Improvement Projects
Government of Canada, 2019
Music BC Travel Grants
Music BC Travel Grants provide assistance to BC based artists to participate in touring and showcasing initiatives domestically and internationally, and BC based companies and individuals undertaking business travel activities in support of the BC music community.
Northern Development Initiative Trust – Fabulous Festivals and Events Grants
The Fabulous Festivals and Events program provides annual grant funding to support unique festivals and events throughout the region that contribute to service sector revenues in the local economy. The program supports festivals and events that promote northern B.C. as a destination for cultural tourism. Projects undertaken through this program aim to improve the sustainability and expansion of hosting capacity of festivals and events throughout the region, increase tourism revenues and improve community quality of life.
Post-Farm Food Safety Program
This 5-year program provides up to $20,000 in funding to BC food and beverage manufacturing facilities, leading toward the implementation of activities which directly encourage stronger food safety practices.
Working with Local Governments 101
BCAFM conference workshop with Creston Valley Farmers Market, Creston City Councillor (2015)