Tools & Resources Database

Our crop of tools and resources have been harvested from many sources and compiled here to help you cultivate and grow your farmers’ market and business. Whether you are a board member, market manager, or vendor, you will find a wide variety of useful reports, links, videos, and other documents to explore.

Arts BC
Useful links for non-profits, grants, and more
Beyond Inclusion: Equity in Public Engagement
A guide for practitioners. Simon Fraser University (2020).
Blow Your Own Horn
BCAFM conference workshop with Armstrong Farmers Market, Whole Green Heart (2016)
Chef Friendly Farmers’ Market Strategy
BC Association of Farmers' Markets (2006)
Connecting Your Market to the Growing Ethnic Community
BCAFM conference workshop with Vancouver Farmers' Markets, hua foundation, Farmer Koo (2017)
Creating Accessible & Welcoming Events at BC Farmers’ Markets: The Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival Case Study
BC Association of Farmers’ Markets; hua foundation (2018)
Delegations to Local Councils
BCAFM conference workshop with White Rock Farmers' Market (2016)
Destination BC’s Learning Centre
Destination BC. Access free resources and tools, featured articles, guides, templates, and videos about social media marketing, digital marketing, experience development, and more
Develop Your Marketing Plan
BCAFM Strengthening Farmers' Markets Series Webinar #5 (April 2014)
Food Co-ops, Online Marketplaces and Farmers’ Markets
BCAFM conference workshop with Cowichan Valley Co-operative Marketplace (2015)
Guerilla Innovations
BCAFM conference workshop with Whole Hog Farm, Stellar Food Group (2016)
Guidebook to Indigenous Protocol
Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. (2019)
How Can we Bring our Indigenous Food Champions to the Market?
BCAFM conference workshop with Vancouver Island Health, First Nations Wildcrafters BC (2015)
Marketing Lessons Learned with the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
BCAFM conference workshop with Comox Valley Farmers' Market (2015)
Planning for Successful Farmers’ Markets in Towns and Cities: Best Practices Guide for Municipalities
BC Association of Farmers’ Markets (2016)
Public Markets and Community Health: An Examination
Project for Public Spaces (2006)
Reimagining Your Market
BCAFM conference workshop with Slow Food USA (2017)
Waste Wise Farmers’ Market Handbook
Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture (2008)
Working with Local Governments 101
BCAFM conference workshop with Creston Valley Farmers Market, Creston City Councillor (2015)