Tools & Resources Database

Our crop of tools and resources have been harvested from many sources and compiled here to help you cultivate and grow your farmers’ market and business. Whether you are a board member, market manager, or vendor, you will find a wide variety of useful reports, links, videos, and other documents to explore.

Arts BC
Useful links for non-profits, grants, and more
BC Non-Profit Organizations
Government of BC
BCAFM Bylaws
(December 13, 2017)
BCAFM Constitution
(December 13, 2017)
BCAFM Farmers’ Market Membership Policy
(November 3, 2018)
Delegations to Local Councils
BCAFM conference workshop with White Rock Farmers' Market (2016)
Effective Leadership Board Governance – A Board Governance Training Manual [PDF]
BC Association of Farmers' Markets; Vancity (2016)
Ensuring Product Transparency: Toolkit for BC Farmers’ Markets
Tabitha McLoughlin and the BC Association of Farmers' Markets (2020)
Farmers Market Co-Operatives – A Guide to Starting a Farmers’ Marketing Co-op
BC Association of Farmers’ Markets; Vancity (2019)
Farmers Marketing Co-Operatives and Farm Collectives – Market Manager’s Guide
BC Association of Farmers’ Markets; Vancity (2019)
Food Policy for Canada
Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2019)
Growing Resilience and Equity: A Food Policy Action Plan in the Context of COVID-19
Food Secure Canada | 2019
Guidebook to Indigenous Protocol
Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. (2019)
How Can we Bring our Indigenous Food Champions to the Market?
BCAFM conference workshop with Vancouver Island Health, First Nations Wildcrafters BC (2015)
Imagine Canada
Fundraising information from Sector Source, a project of Imagine Canada and the legacy of the Nonprofit Library and Risk Management and Insurance and Liability Resource Centre
Non-Profit Advisors Program
Columbia Basin Trust. Get support to make your non-profit organization stronger, by increasing capacity, becoming more sustainable and efficient.
Putting it in writing: Getting started with policies and procedures
Charity Village (2013)
Sample – Penticton Farmers’ Market’s Policies, Rules and Regulations
Penticton Farmers’ Market Society (2019)
Sample – Vancouver Farmers Market Primary Producer Vendor Interest Form
Your Local Farmers Markets Society (2019)
Sample – Vancouver Farmers Market Vendor Handbook
Your Local Farmers Markets Society (December 2018)
Sample – Vancouver Farmers’ Markets Vendor Collective Application Form
Vancouver Farmers Markets (2019)
Strategic Organizational Planning
BCAFM Strengthening Farmers' Markets Series Webinar #7 (March 2014)
Survive or Thrive? A Small Market Forum
BCAFM conference workshop with Lytton Two Rivers Market, WoodGrain Farm (2015)
Tips for Dealing with Conflict
A general overview of how to deal more effectively with conflict in your professional and personal lives
When Things Don’t Work: Some Insights into Why Farmers’ Markets Close
Oregon State University (2006)
Workplace Bullying and Harassment: Resource tool kit
Work Safe BC