BC Farmers’ Market Hatch + Hype

Welcome to Hatch + Hype!

Join our vibrant community of vendors and member BC farmer’s markets on an exciting journey of entrepreneurial growth, farm and food innovation and community building.

Hatch + Hype offers dedicated tent spaces and marketing materials to showcase your products, receive real-time feedback, and be part of a thriving marketplace that celebrates fresh flavors and supports local businesses. Embrace the opportunities that Hatch + Hype has to offer and let’s cultivate success together. 

Hatch + Hype is currently active in the following regions:  

  • Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands,  
  • Sunshine Coast,  
  • Kootenay & Columbia Basin Regions 


Hatch + Hype is limited to food vendors as we recognize farm and food products to be an essential economic cornerstone of farmers’ markets. 

For more information on the Hatch + Hype program at your market or in your region contact: hatchandhype@bcfarmersmarket.org

Benefits of the Hatch + Hype Project


  • Low-Barrier Entry: Benefit from a low-cost, low-barrier opportunity to engage directly with customers at farmers’ markets in a vibrant, dedicated space for new vendors.
  • Realize Business Ideas: Hatch + Hype provides the platform to test market your product and receive valuable feedback from consumers.
  • Access Resources: Gain access to promotional materials, low-cost liability insurance, and educational opportunities to support business growth.


  • Promote New Products: Utilize Hatch + Hype to further promote new products, collaborations, and innovations within your existing market space.
  • Boost Business Exposure: Leverage promotional materials provided by Hatch + Hype to increase visibility and attract more customers.
  • Strengthen Market Presence: Enhance market reputation by showcasing products at the forefront of innovation and culinary trends.
  • Amplify Your Reach: Expand your customer base and gain exposure! The vibrant Hatch + Hype tent and marketing materials attracts a diverse and enthusiastic crowd eager to discover unique flavors. Showcasing your delicious creations here means reaching new customers who are excited to support local, emerging businesses like yours.

Hatch + Hype is available to participating or prospective vendors at member BC farmers’ markets. Learn more about the benefits of participating at a member markets: bcfarmersmarket.org/vendor-membership/



  • Diversify Market Offerings: Attract new vendors and maintain a diverse range of farm and food products, enriching the market experience for visitors.
  • Promote Innovation: Showcase and support new vendors or existing vendors with new products as springboards for other opportunities.
  • Attract New Shoppers: Showcase what’s new and exciting at your market to attract new local shoppers and tourists.
  • Strengthen Community: Foster community resilience, enhance food security, and contribute to the growth of local economies.



  • Discover Fresh Flavours: Experience a diverse array of new, innovative farm and food products at your local farmers’ market.
  • Support Local Businesses: Contribute to the growth of small businesses by purchasing directly from local vendors.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Engage with vendors, provide feedback, and witness products evolve in real-time, shaping the market offerings.

HATCH fresh business ideas

HYPE new and innovative farm + food products

HATCH + HYPE is here to elevate farmers’ markets as small business incubators and accelerators, while fostering strong relationships between markets and support networks across BC.

The Market Opportunity

Did you know there are over 145 BCAFM Member Farmers’ Markets across the province?

Farmers’ markets operate in every type of community in BC — from major cities to suburbs and rural communities. Most markets are open from May through October — though more and more are running year-round.

Farmers’ markets are looking for a wide variety of products that are grown, raised or made in BC — including locally grown or processed fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, nuts, fish, eggs, baked goods, specialty foods, herbs, flowers, plants and artisan goods.

In addition to a wide selection of unique products and unparalleled freshness, shoppers are attracted to the sense of community and connection found at farmers’ markets.

Along with helping to grow your existing business, farmers’ markets can act as incubators for new business ideas — serving as low-cost, low-risk places to experiment with new products and processes.

So, join other local vendors in taking advantage of this “market” opportunity — especially as BC farmers’ markets gain in popularity around the province.

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