BC Farmers’ Market Hatch + Hype

About Hatch + Hype

BCAFM is leading and launching an exciting new project, BC Farmers’ Market Hatch + Hype.

This initiative is an entrepreneurial marketing and business development strategy to better hatch, highlight, hype, and bring focus to new BC farm and food products from both existing and new vendors selling at BCAFM member farmers’ markets.

In addition, this strategy will elevate the important role of farmers’ markets as small business incubators and accelerators while growing and strengthening collaborative relationships between farmers’ markets with existing small business and economic development support networks across BC.

Hatch + Hype At The Farmers’ Market

Hatch + Hype is meant to assist farmers’ market organizers with recruiting new vendors as well as highlighting new and innovative products from existing vendors. Farmers’ markets taking part in the project receive the following:

  • Hatch + Hype branded tent kit
  • Promotional materials for vendors
  • Support from Project Manager
  • Funds to support the program (2022 Season)
  • Access to resources and sponsorship opportunities

Hatch & Hype is currently taking place in the Kootenays & Columbia Basin Region.


Hatch A Business Idea

Hatch + Hype provides budding entrepreneurs with a low cost, low barrier opportunity to engage directly with customers via BCAFM Member Farmers’ Markets. Through the Hatch + Hype project emerging businesses can benefit from;

  • Hatch + Hype branded tent
  • Free promotional materials
  • Access to low cost liability insurance
  • Real time feedback about products
  • Access to community resources & educational opportunities


Hype New Products From Established Vendors

Returning vendors can also take advantage of the Hatch + Hype project. Established businesses can use this opportunity to further promote new products, collaborations and innovation within their tent space and beyond. Hatch + Hype provides BCAFM Member Farmers’ Markets with promotional materials to use at the farmers markets and online!


5 Benefits of Hatch + Hype

  1. Helps launch new businesses
  2. Highlights new products from existing businesses
  3. Strongly encourages further diversity in the vendor mix
  4. Strengthens relationships between economic development partners and farmers’ markets
  5. Provides educational opportunities for both business owners and farmers’ market organizers

The Market Opportunity

Did you know there are over 145 BCAFM Member Farmers’ Markets across the province?

Farmers’ markets operate in every type of community in BC — from major cities to suburbs and rural communities. Most markets are open from May through October — though more and more are running year-round.

Farmers’ markets are looking for a wide variety of products that are grown, raised or made in BC — including locally grown or processed fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, nuts, fish, eggs, baked goods, specialty foods, herbs, flowers, plants and artisan goods.

In addition to a wide selection of unique products and unparalleled freshness, shoppers are attracted to the sense of community and connection found at farmers’ markets.

Along with helping to grow your existing business, farmers’ markets can act as incubators for new business ideas — serving as low-cost, low-risk places to experiment with new products and processes.

So, join other local vendors in taking advantage of this “market” opportunity — especially as BC farmers’ markets gain in popularity around the province.

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