BC Highway Signs for BC Farmers’ Markets

How to Arrange for Motorist Directional Signage for your BCAFM Member Farmers’ Market

  1. You must be a member in good standing with the BCAFM
  2. Contact the BCAFM to request a letter confirming you are a member in good standing
  3. Forward the letter to your MOTI District Office
  4. Download the template files here
  5. If you are looking for a large sign on a highway for a BCAFM farmers’ market which is physically located in a rural area outside City/Municipal boundaries it is likely to be the SU-028X.
  6. Take your information (hours and location of the market) to your local MOTI District office to make a formal application for a permitted sign. For District Office locations and telephone numbers, please visit this page.
  7. The MOTI District office will review your application for a permitted sign and determine availability, location and the appropriate sign size based on available space within the highway right of way. It is the responsibility of the farmers’ market to ensure additional directional signage is approved and installed on non-MoTI roads as needed to direct the motorist from the closest numbered highway to the BCAFM farmers’ market prior to signs being approved, permitted and installed on the highway.
  8. Once you know the exact dimensions of the sign and which of the designs you will be using (determined by MOTI), take these requirements to your local sign shop for construction of the sign(s).

It is the responsibility of each market to pay all the costs of the sign construction and deliver them to the local MOTI yard and local road authority (Cities/Municipalities). Any costs involved in installation are also to be covered by the participating market.

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