BC Association of Farmers' markets

Farmers' markets are quintessentially grassroots – they started from the ground up with people coming together to form a collective based on common interest, passion, and a desire to enjoy locally sourced food.


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Become a Vendor

Become a Vendor

How to Become a Vendor at a BCAFM Member Farmers' Market

BCAFM member markets have a make bake grow policy where vendors need to make, bake, or grow the products they are selling at the market. To become a vendor at a BCAFM member market, you need to contact the market/s you are interested in selling at directly.  You can use our BC Farmers' Market Trail to find markets, as well as contact info, operating hours, season, location and websites. Some markets have information for vendors on their websites, including vendor application forms, market guidelines and regulations for becoming a vendor at their market.

Grow With Us!

  • Are you new to farming?
  • Do you want to increase your sales?
  • Do you want repeat customers?
  • Do you want to increase your profits?
  • Do you sell high quality or unique products?
  • Are you a "people" person?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, then…

We want you to sell at a farmers' market


Farmers' markets are increasing in popularity across British Columbia. Over the past 10 years, the number of markets has grown considerably and consumer demand for local, fresh and healthy foods is growing at an even faster rate.

Farmers' markets are looking for new vendors to offer customers a wider range of high quality products and great selection including farm products, crafts, baking, artisan items…


Top 6 Reasons to be a Farmers' Market Vendor

  1. Grow your business by accessing high value markets.
  2. Experiment with new ideas.
  3. Learn about new trends.
  4. Meet and interact "face to face" with your customers, and share your stories with them.
  5. Connect with market managers, chefs, retailers and other vendors to network, learn new skills and grow your business.
  6. Sustain the family farm.


Grow Your Business, Sales and Profits

Interested in growing your business? Then you should consider selling your products at one of our member markets.

As a vendor, you'll have an opportunity to increase your cash flow and interact directly with your customers — while providing a great community service.

Often, selling at farmers' markets provides a greater cash return than wholesale marketing. Of course, there's also the added benefit of getting to know your customers — and the pride and joy of directly interacting with the people who enjoy your products.

The requirement? There is only one: you need to make, bake, grow or raise the products yourself and then sell them at the market.

Take advantage of the new trend towards going and growing local — as more and more consumers are making the farmers' market a one-stop shopping experience.


The Market Opportunity


With more than 145 farmers' markets throughout British Columbia, finding one or more markets at which to sell your products is easy!

Farmers' markets operate in every type of BC community — from major cities to suburbs and rural communities — and also vary in size and sophistication. Most markets are open from May through October — though many also offer evening, winter and special occasion (e.g. Christmas) markets.

Farmers' markets are looking for a wide variety of products — including locally grown or processed fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, baked goods, specialty foods, herbs, flowers, plants, arts & crafts and so much more! Markets offering a wide range of products tend to attract more customers.

In addition to a wide selection of unique products and unparalleled freshness, shoppers are attracted to the fun atmosphere and personal service found at farmers' markets. Farmers' markets provide a special experience for vendors and their customers!

Along with helping to grow your existing business, farmers' markets can act as incubators for new business ideas — serving as low-cost, low-risk places to experiment with new products and processes.

So, join other local vendors in taking advantage of this "market" opportunity — especially as BC farmers' markets gain in popularity around the province.

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