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We represent a community of individual markets, or as we see it, a community of difference. Each market reflects the uniqueness of the neighbourhood and the diversity of the community.


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February 2019
February 2019
COABC Conference 2019
The COABC is celebrating its 26th anniversary. Attending their conference provides educational and networking opportunities for new and established farmers, as well as for the general public. They will feature educational topics presented by knowledgeable speakers who are experts in their field.

The theme this year, Celebrating Organics, is inspired by the stories and experiences of BC's organic farmers and the history of the organic sector. COABC will celebrate the hard work that has been done by farmers to researchers to retailers, and everyone in between, to build a resilient future for the organic sector. When we stand together, our message is stronger: organic agriculture, based on soil health and care for the environment, is the path to building a better food system.