BC Association of Farmers' markets

Through this program, we collaborate with community organizations and member markets to provide farmers' market coupons to lower-income families and seniors.

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What Participants Say

What Participants Say

What kind of impact does the nutrition coupon program have on seniors, families, and lower income residents? Browse through our testimonials.

What Program Participants Bought

Two mothers in the pregnancy outreach program started crying because they were so happy to be able to feed their kids fresh fruit and vegetables. One other participant said they had never seen or eaten Swiss chard and we were able to give her a recipe so she would know how to prepare it.

100 Mile House - Caribou Family Enrichment Centre


The younger families seemed really excited at the chance to see and try all sorts of different produce! Purple potatoes were a source of great amusement...

Gordon Neighbourhood House


Parents express surprise when their children devour a green salad including over wintered and unfamiliar greens like kale, arugula, and endive gleaned from the Family Place garden.

Powell River Family Place


 "I am enjoying the program. It's led me to try new things and cook in bulk for extras and freeze so now I have meals available for later use ready to go"

Duncan - Cowichan Green Community Society


One participant told me that she saved up her coupons and did a big shop this past Saturday. She was able to buy eggs, carrots, apples and potatoes.

Her daughter now LOVES the fresh market carrots and can taste the difference between market and grocery store bought. 

Penticton - Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs


Lots of moms and elders are amazed how fast and big our community garden grows and how cost saving our garden vegetables are towards their families.

Sechelt Indian Band


Final Kids Kitchen program for the summer. We had total 28 people (adults and children) participated this week. It was great to see the cross generation cooking/kitchen skills sharing. Grandparents, parents and children teamed up together and created dishes from produced bought from the Farmers' Market. 

Oak Avenue Neighbourhood Hub, Surrey


 A single dad with three young children came into our building and showed us pictures of his children standing beside all the vegetable items they had bought at the market. One of the young boys pointed to the picture and said, "Look how green our peppers are!"

Okanagan Boys and Girls Club, Armstrong


A low-income senior who is 90% blind participates in this program. She lives in a remote area outside of our town. With the use of our transportation set up we have been able to pick her up and make sure she is able to access the farmers market. She was able to do a lot of canning and baking with her purchases. She was especially happy with the amount of raspberries that she was able to get. ​

Okanagan Boys and Girls Club, Armstrong


​A senior man bought cucumbers, dill and garlic with his coupons. He told me how he made his own dill pickles. He is on a fixed income and the coupons have really helped, he said.

Mission - Long-term Inmates Now in the Community Society