BC Association of Farmers' markets

We dare to dream of a world where farming is synonymous with opportunity. We educate, engage and inspire people to create a vibrant farming sector in BC, one that nourishes and supports our natural environment and communities.

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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are the reassurance that local food will continue to thrive in BC. We fight everyday to not only to make local food more accessible and convenient, but also for the health and wellness of your children and your grandparents, your neighbours and your friends. We are here so that you can rest assured that when your children grow up there will be farmland for them to visit, fresh produce for them to enjoy, and a strong community that embraces the local food philosophy.

There has been significant growth in the number and vitality of farmers’ markets in BC in the past five years, continuing the impressive growth of the 1996-2006 decade. This is thanks to the vision and hard work of countless people, policy and financial support from many sources, and to the markets’ most compelling feature: being able to buy fruits and vegetables, fresh picked and direct from the farmers who grew them.

Please refer to the British Columbia Farmers' Market Sector Strategic Plan 2011- 2016, developed by the BC Association of Farmers' Markets, for more information on the direction and future of farmers' markets in BC:

British Columbia Farmers' Market Sector Strategic Plan 2011- 2016